Brief History of the Organization

The first professional museum network Association of Museum Workers and Friends (AMWF) established in Armenia a decade ago after independence by group of local professionals and a few foreign mentors in 2003. One of the primary goals of AMWF was to enhance the capacity of museum specialists in performing professional skills through extensive trainings, exchange programs and establishment of professional networks.

Since 2003, the Association of Museum Workers and Friends has sought to provide opportunities for social-cultural projects, professional trainings, advisory and expert services in the museum and heritage field. Since 2003, in partnership with various local and foreign organizations many projects have been carried on including needs assessment monitoring around Armenia, capacity building trainings for various museums, coordinated international conferences, participated in study visit programs and published professional handbooks and a museum guidebook.  

Since 2006 AMWF started to collaborate with the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (DVV International Armenia Country Office). One of the major stages of the partnership development of AMWF was an establishment of Museum Education Center for development of alternative education in museums around Armenia with major financial support by DVV International.

Since 2014, Museum Education Centre became a major project for AMWF to extend the scope of activities with financial support from DVV International. New partnership opportunities started with the Amsterdam Museums Foundation, the Network of European Museums Association (NEMO), German Museums Association, the National Network of Romanian Museums, The British Museum’s International Training Programme and Manchester Art Gallery.

Series of important workshops and conferences organized in Armenia involving all museums around the country and having more than 70 international experts from 28 countries. The topic included learning, engagement, marketing, new audiences and social entrepreneurship. As a result of needs assessment monitoring in museums around Armenia we received first-hand experience and expectations from museums thus building up bridge for future collaboration.