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2018 marks the 15th anniversary of the foundation of the Association of Museum Workers and Friends and the 10th anniversary of the foundation of the ICOM National Committee of Armenian Museums. Both have played a major role in the modernization and progress of the museum sector in Armenia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. 
Celebrating this anniversary together with AGBU Armenia, we invite you to be a part of a major event entitled “Museum Week: Rethinking the Cultural Spaces” that will be held from 8th to 14th of November, 2018 in different locations throughout Yerevan.
The Museum Week aims to provide all museums in Armenia and corporate, IT, Education organizations a unique possibility to come together and speak about opportunities for cooperation and integration.

Museum Week includes four events:

֎ MUSExpo2018 - 12th to 14th of November, 2018 at the AGBU Armenia gallery.
Armenia is a country of cultural tourism, but one of the main cultural assets of the country, its museums, are often overlooked from many tourism itineraries. The aim of the MUSExpo is to provide a platform for the tourism and museum sectors to come together and discuss the possibilities of integrating museums into touristic itineraries and providing special touristic products and packages within museums.
For participation as a MUSExpo2018 exhibitor, register October 22, 2018 (compulsory). The number of participants is limited.
For registration please click here:…/1fS_DWEqYQ_5S7Yyle02KD3Jil1H…/edit

֎ FORUM – 07.11, 11.11, 12-14.2018, at the AGBU conference hall

The forum will provide a unique platform with six different topics catered to professionals from museums as well as the IT, Corporate, Education, Social, and tourism fields. Through round table discussions facilitated by international experts, participants will discuss obstacles and challenges to development, in order to find constructive solutions that bridge know-how from different sectors. The resulting Recommendation Document from each round table session will be shared post-event with all participants by the organizers as a working tool for implementing and bringing to life the ideas discussed during Museum Week into daily practice.
Registration for participation in the roundtable discussions by October 22, 2018 (compulsory). The number of participants is limited.
For registration Please click here:…/1Hz8ICuc_PL_sQ6xHbM0xZUBroXs…/edit

08-10.11.2018 at Cafesjian Center for the Arts

ICOM has announced “Hyperconnected Museums. New Approaches, New Publics” as the theme for Museum International Day 2018. Following the topic of this year, ICOM Armenia was supported by ICOM International to organize the Regional Workshop on Digital Engagement in Museums and Community Well Being. Two international Museum experts; Natalia Tolstaya (ADIT, Russia) and Elaine Eddington (Glasgow Museums, UK) are invited to run the workshop and share experience with the museum colleagues from Armenia, Georgia, Iran and Russia.
Registration by 7th of October, 2018 is compulsory, the number of participants is limited.…/1RdHCwEYEsIdP4MMwar9TQWeYwBh…/edit

9-11.11.2018, AGBU Armenia
AGBU Bridge Project invites cultural NGOs representing museums, alternative art spaces, art associations, and other such cultural CSOs for a three-day intensive workshop from November 9-11 with Cecilia Martin, a brand consultant and co-founder at Lava Lab specialized in the cultural sector. Cecilia has worked for the Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative, the Windermere Jetty Museum, DAS Graduate School, among many others. Her program will enable cultural practitioners and leaders to develop their branding and innovation skills through a combination of presentations with relevant case studies, practical working experiences, and dynamic action-oriented learning aimed to inspire, make, and connect.
Registration by October 22, 2018 (compulsory). The number of participants is limited. 
This training is addressed to those cultural actors who represent Civil Society organizations in Armenia.…/1FAIpQLSdS9kGgHy89S7aPg…/viewform…

For more information please contact:
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Project by:
ICOM Armenia
Association of Museums Workers and Friends
AGBU Armenia

General Partners:
Ministry of Culture of RA
My Armenia, a program funded by USAID and implemented by the Smithsonian Institution
Cafesjian Center for the Arts
Museum Education Center 
Dvv International 
BRIDGE for CSOs, a program funded by the EU and implemented by AGBU & EPF
ICOM International

State committee of Armenian Tourism Development Foundation
Ministry of Culture, Youth Affairs and Tourism of Artsakh
National Gallery of Armenia 
Tourism Development Foundation
ICOM Georgia
ICOM Russia